2020 challenge

Happy New Year! Want to celebrate 2020 and do something positive for the environment? Come to our beach sweep- this Sunday 2-4pm. The ‘Temple Beach’ just after the Ana Capri. Take the stairs down to the beach. 💪🌏

Collect 20 plastic bottles, 20 bottle caps, 20 straws and 20 pieces of take out rubbish! Bring a water bottle, shoes and bug repellent ( just in case). We will provide the gloves, bags and tongs.[💪

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Delivered by FeedBurner1) bring a hat for the sun
2) mosquito repellent if needed
3) 💦 water 💦in a reusable bottle please
4) shoes to protect your feet

*Gloves, bags and tongs are provided!*

Let’s meet on the beach (just after Anna Capri)