Beach Sweep & Bottle Cap Challenge!

Where: Temple Beach near Anna Capri
When: Saturday the 7th of Sept. 2019
Time: 7:30am to 9:30am

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See how many bottle caps you can pick up in 20 mins and win a small prize!
❤️Adult size gloves, bags, and tongs provided🌏
Lots of messages from community members who want to join for the first time. Please bring: 
  1. water to drink 
  2. mosquito repellent- just in case 
  3. closed-toe shoes- we are picking up rubbish on the beach. Protect your feet! We do find the occasional piece of glass😅 
  4. a hat for the sun if needed 
  5. in case of heavy ☔️ rain we will announce a rain date if needed and reschedule