Beach Sweep Scheduled for August 31st 2019

As always, a facebook post on the community facebook page announces intentions to clean at an unmaintained beach in MaWan, Hong Kong. The post is also an open invitation to other residents on the island to join the clean-up.

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On the 31st, beach detritus includes: wire, single use plastic, bits of styrofoam and polystyrene…

A fluorescent lightbulb, a water bottle…

Plastic bottle caps and small bits of plastic…

A bag of poison.

The bags are getting filled.
Sifting out the organic matter is important to keep the ecosystem healthy

plus, the bags can be too heavy to lift 

Plastics, styrofoam, metal, etc. are bagged; shells, sand, wood, and animals are left on the beach
The black bags are ready for pickup