Compost Project

Seed-2-STEM is working with concerned citizens to contract Eco Community Promotion Association ltd. ( to collect food waste from Ma Wan. The food waste is delivered to O-Park digester in Lantau where it is converted into biogas and then used to generate electricity.

We believe it is necessary for non-governmental organizations to take the lead on some environmental issues that affect Hong Kong. We see a need to keep food waste out of the landfill and divert it to the O-park digester in Lantau where it can be turned into green electricity. We need your help to make this happen.

This project will help divert food waste from Hong Kong’s Landfill sites and reduce the amount of methane released into the environment.

Why: The food waste should be diverted from the landfill where it decomposes and creates methane, a greenhouse gas 6x more potent than carbon dioxide. The collection ability of these bins could divert enough food waste per week to save the equivalent greenhouse gas created by 52 cars operating for a week. In a year of operating this food waste collection service at a minimum capacity, we could save the equivalent carbon dioxide as taking 52 cars off the road for a whole year. 

Compost with Us

To start composting with us you can send us an email to know more about the program. email: [email protected] We need to collect a small monthly fee to pay the collection company. Both seed-2-STEM and ECPAL, the collection company, are non-profit organizations.

We need Local Bussinesses to Host a bin

We are looking for supporting businesses to host a food waste bin. You can have your logo here as a supporter of Seed-2-STEM and the environment.

Collection Bin Hosts

A 180 litre collection bin

The bins for food waste will be hosted by local caring businesses in Ma Wan. The collection bins are secured by an electronic lock to keep non-food waste out of the bins.