Straw Challenge

Beach location: near the temple and just past Anna Capri.

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 Take the stairs down to the beach.
Bags, gloves and tongs provided!
*Bring water, insect repellent and shoes to protect your feet
**Small prizes for the largest number of straws collected
There have been so many restaurants banning straws lately. This challenge is to see if there is evidence for the hype. Let’s search for straws + other waste washing up on the beach so we can have a clear and unbiased opinion on the straws. Is it true that straws are a problem or is the “epidemic” out of proportion. 
This can also serve as a baseline for the area and for the time. We can do the challenge again in a few months, 6 months, and a year, and present empirical evidence whether the straw bans have made any difference, or is it corporate green washing!