Two years cleaning, Second year organizing

We celebrated a big milestone for this little beach. Tessa has been coming to clean this beach for almost two years.
our fearless tireless leader
I was looking through some old posts, and October 2018, was the first I could find where Tessa organized the beach clean-up. I hastily put a whatsapp group together and tied to bring most of the regular long time cleaners down to the beach. Secretly, we messaged and planned and plotted.
She commented a few times on the number of people that came to clean this week. Rarely, does everyone show up on the same week. Many come weekly, or biweekly or monthly, most importantly is that they come. This group along with others that have come even once, deserve recognition and thanks. I would estimate they find eight large bags of rubbish every weekend. That equals 416 bags in one year. So these weekend clean up efforts have pulled over 800 bags of rubbish from the beach and sea since Tessa started cleaning. 

This week we focused our efforts on, “Mermaid Tears” This is Tessa’s grandmother’s name for polished glass pebbles that you can find on the beach.  

The sharp glass was removed for proper disposal, and the nice soft edged glass was taken home by the volunteer cleaners. I put a handful of mermaid tears into a recycled plastic dish to hold our bar of soap out of the water that makes it get so mushy and used up quickly.